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Congrats to Denise!  Her original song "Beloved One" is a Posi Award Nominee in the "New Thought" category in the 11th Annual Posi(tive) Music Awards!

Denise will perform her nominated song at the Posi Awards held February 11-14, 2016 in Tampa, Florida.   tickets

Denise Rosier (pronounced Rosie-ay) delivers music with a rare combination of assuredness and tenderness, and through her inspiring lyrics, she shares her heart and the insight drawn from everyday life. Born in Japan, and raised in California, Denise is an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. Her first album Only A Whisper Away was released in 2001, and from there her music has taken her to audiences as far away as Osaka, Japan.

Denise's songs have been released on 3 solo albums, and featured on compilation albums, and television. Denise enjoys sharing her music with people at venues everywhere including faith-based events year-round. Her warmth and approachability brings people together in a spirit of unity, and her "person-to-person" style of speaking makes you feel like you're sharing quality time with a good friend.

Writing, and performing as a solo artist, aren't the only places where Denise invests her creative energy. In 2006, she became a staff writer for the Songs Of Love Foundation. The Songs of Love Foundation is an organization of songwriters who write original songs for children who are terminally ill, or have specials needs. Denise has written songs for over 200 children through this amazing organization. She has written and performed her songs for children in English, Hindi, and Chuukese (Micronesian). If you know of a child who would like a song, or would like to know more about Songs Of Love, please visit songsoflove.org.

Denise’s musical expression takes many avenues, but the common denominator is her ability to deliver a song with honesty and refreshing authenticity. Audiences are drawn to her warmth and accessibility, and they see themselves in the stories she tells.

Denise's message is to live with your heart, mind, and life wide open. Open to all that you're becoming .. open to endless possibility .. open to every opportunity to do, and embody, good.   Sign up for her newsletter for details!

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