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Orange Pop: Lake Forest singer-songwriter brings joy to sick kids

May 22 | Posted by: Robert Kinsler

Most modern-day singer-songwriters strive to reach millions of listeners with their music.

But Denise Rosier has found there is something wonderful in crafting songs for a single child.
The Lake Forest artist writes and records several songs a week for the New York-based organization Songs of Love Foundation, which provides custom-penned songs to children and young adults who are suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses.

Rosier's wonderful soprano and natural gift of songwriting made it an easy decision to respond to an ad posted by Songs of Love in 2006.

"I was affiliated with TAXI (an independent organization that connects unsigned artists with major labels, publishers and television-film music supervisors) and one of the postings was for Songs of Love," Rosier recalled. "I submitted children's material I had (previously) written."
Over the past few years, Rosier has been writing as many as two songs a week for the nonprofit Songs of Love (www.songsoflove.org). She usually will create a song that reflects the child's musical taste (folk, pop, country, etc.) and even works in the names of friends and relatives into the tune.

"We have 25 days to complete a song," Rosier explained. With so little time to write and record a personalized song, Rosier has been able to work with her husband, Keith Rosier, to build a small and affordable home studio where the couple produces some incredible-sounding recordings.

Although Rosier's tracks boast high-end production values, with the exception of bass guitar provided by Keith Rosier (Keith is the author of several well-known books, including "Studio Bass Masters" and "Jump 'N' Blues Bass") and her guitar and vocals, all of the additional musical instrument sounds and rhythms are created on her Yamaha PSR-S900 Arranger Workstation.

Using the PSR-S900 (manufactured by Buena Park-based Yamaha Corporation of America), Rosier noted that she can write a soft jazz tune one day, an electronica dance number the next day and then a Disney-sounding song the day after that.

"I write the songs and produce the songs using the Yamaha, and then (mix and) master them on a Mac," said Rosier, noting she then e-mails the finished track to Songs of Love in New York where the foundation then burns the song onto a CD and creates custom artwork to complete the package.

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